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Ecoin Current Alexa Ranking (4-2-2020)

Why Is Ecoin Unique ?

World’s first Email based proxy Identity

 Ecoin is designed to be the world’s first Email based proxy Identity that ensures a single person cannot claim with multiple emails. Yes, this is our secret weapon Test it by creating junk emails if you want to.

World’s biggest Airdrop

Ecoin will be distributed for free to everyone with an email as expecting users to pay for something new (like cryptocurrency) is impractical. Facebook would never acquire billion users if they asked you to pay for signing up.

Strong Network Effects

Network Effect is a Numbers game As more people sign up, the value of Ecoin rises more. The more the value of ecoin, more people will sign up. Learn more Refer FAQ. Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing.


Our Strategy to acquire Billions of users

User onboarding is the toughest part of cryptocurrency adoption. So far all cryptos either expect users to mine ( like bitcoin) or buy ( like in ICOs ) – All of which created huge barriers for adoption ( no wonder, no crypto achieved mass adoption )

Ecoin lowers the entry barrier with three simple ideas:

  • 900 Ecoins (previously 1000) will be distributed free of charge from this site for everyone with an email, (this number will keep dropping as the price of Ecoin goes up, which will benefit early adopters)
  • Simple referral process that earns you 900 more ecoins (previously 1000) everytime your friends sign up*
  • Advanced fraud detection engine ensures a single person cannot claim with 10s of emails

These three simple ideas create an incredibly easy and attractive user onboarding which ensures Ecoin to be the first cryptocurrency to acquire billions of users.

As you know the real value of a cryptocurrency is its user network and having a billion users onboard would make Ecoin easily the most valuable cryptocurrency

Our Powerful Features

Earn from Referrals

Refer your friend* and earn 900 ecoins (previously 1000) for every friend who signs up.

Instant Transfer

Users will be able to transfer their coins with other users for free right after sign up

Interest on your earnings

Put your coins in a savings account and enjoy monthly interest

Additional Earnings

We have variable interest rate system based on your savings. The more you save, the more interest you earn.

Withdraw them when you need

You can withdraw your coins to any EOS wallet you want and operate independently

Second level Referral

You will also earn from your referral’s referral. When your friend’s referral joins with us, you will get another 225 coins (previously 250).

How It Works

Ecoin works on a simple idea that a currency value grows with its network of users. Hence we want to distribute ecoin to as many people as possible.

The easiest way to reach everyone is to give the token for free.
Each sign up from a verified email gets you 900 Ecoins (previously 1000).

After that each referral to your friends whose email gets verified gets you another 900 Ecoins (previously 1000). If every person reading this signs up just 5 of their friends we can reach a billion users in no time.

Once we reach a billion users, the value of each Ecoin will reach a dollar, enabling millions of earn 10s of 1000s of dollars without risking their hard earned money. This is our secret for being the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency

What Is Ecoin ?

Ecoin is the world's fastest-growing Cryptocurrency powered by world’s first ‘AI driven email-based proxy identity engine’ which aims to launch the world’s biggest airdrop .

Ecoin is an ‘email-based proxy Identity platform’ that rewards only one email per user, we achieve this using our advanced AI engine, which ensures that one person can’t claim free tokens more than once.

As we use email for rewarding users, Ecoin will have the easiest onboarding mechanism for average users which greatly reduces the barrier for crypto adoption. Along with this, we have a simple yet powerful referral mechanism which ensures ‘Ecoin to be the first cryptocurrency to onboard billion users’.

What Gives Value To The Ecoin Tokens In Future ?

The answer is 'YOU' - yes it's you, your friends and their friends and eventually billions of users

It's the network of users that gives value to any payment network, so as we grow to millions of users, Ecoin value will skyrocket.

There are many reasons why Ecoin will be very valuable soon.

The first and foremost is this, Ecoin makes user onboarding extremely easy. Anyone with an email can simply sign up, earn and use cryptocurrency for the first time, which essentially opens the floodgates for mass adoption.

Most online businesses today are reluctant to accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin ( even though cryptocurrencies have enormous benefits for businesses ) because only 1% of their user base uses bitcoin at the best. With Ecoin however, anyone with an email can be served by online businesses. Multi billion-dollar businesses like e-commerce, e-sports, online casinos, sport betting sites etc can serve anyone in the globe instantly.

Finally, there are two more big reasons.

‘Network effect’ - As more people sign up, the value of Ecoin rises more. The more valuable ecoin is, more people will sign up.

‘Endowment effect‘ - People value cryptos they hold much more than the ones they don’t. For crypto you hold, you will probably be worried about its price and will make sure the price keeps rising by supporting it in every way possible.

What Is The Reason For Creating Another Coin When There Are Many Cyptocurrencies Already ?

Cryptocurrency is a world-changing concept that will give real freedom to people to conduct their financial lives in the manner they chose to, for this reason, cryptocurrency is often hailed as the greatest revolution in modern history. However the adoption of cryptocurrency is pretty slow, and the reason arguably is its distribution model.

The biggest reasons for lack of adoption are these

  1. expecting people to pay for something they don’t understand or trust is ‘impractical, hence ecoin aims to give its tokens free of cost for everyone with a valid email.
  2. we make using your first cryptocurrency extremely easy which is very important for mass adoption.


So far all cryptos expect users to either mine with expensive hardware ( like bitcoin) or buy ( like in ICOs) - all of which create huge barriers for adoption.

Ecoin aims to remove these barriers and make cryptocurrency available to everyone with an email which will truly unleash the true potential of cryptocurrency.

Why Is Ecoin Growth Unstoppable ?

Once Ecoin crosses 100 million users, it’s practically impossible to stop Ecoin’ growth

The distribution model of Ecoin is really really unique. Before Ecoin, came along,

one person with more resources ( hardware or money ) etc would end up accumulating a ton of crypto creating huge concentration. With ecoin however, that’s simply impossible,

the only way to acquire new currency is to invite others which distributes the currency far and wide.

This unique distribution model also gives ecoin its greatest advantage - the lowest cost per user acquisition in the crypto industry. While coins like Stellar spend approximately $40 for acquiring one user, ecoin can do it at $1 or less, which implies ecoin distribution model is at least 40x more efficient.

Reach is the most important metric of a crypto’s value, the larger the network the more valuable the network is. As more people join the network, the value of ecoin rises higher and as the value of ecoin goes higher more people join, this becomes a powerful cycle that can grow to billion-plus users in very little time.

How Does Ecoin Work ?

Ecoin is a token based on EOS blockchain which can run as many as 5000 Tx per sec which is about 800 times faster than Bitcoin which means transactions on Ecoin are not only cheaper but also near-instant.

Ecoin has a supply of about 1 trillion coins of which 500 billion are locked in a smart contract which are released by about 50 billion every 6 months. The remaining 500 billion will be distributed to users who sign up on our platform.

What Are The Different Ways To Earn "Ecoin For FREE" ?

Ecoin is given completely free of cost for everyone with an email. You earn 900 coins (previously 1000) when you sign up with a verified email and you earn additional 900 coins (previously 1000) when you refer someone with a verified email. There is no limit number of people you can refer. So the more you refer the more you earn.

Apart from referring others, you earn additional Ecoin by locking your ecoin in the savings account which gives interest monthly.

You can also accumulate more Ecoin by buying it from others.

Apart from there are additional surprise gifts when you refermore and more people. Overall we aim to incentivize people to refer their friends and achieve real mass adoption.

Earning Ecoin is easy and fun and you can earn ecoins in 8 different ways.

  1. 900 ecoins (previously 1000) for signing up.
  2. 900 more ecoins (previously 1000) for every friend ( email verified) you refer.
  3. 225 ecoins (previously 250) more for singing up in the first hour of opening referral link.
  4. 225 ecoins (previously 250) for everyone whom you refer in first 24 hours of your sign-up.
  5. 225 ecoins (previously 250) for everyone whom your friend’s sign-up. ( i.e level 2)
  6. 10-15% Monthly staking rewards.
  7. 5000 ecoins to 10000 Ecoins for referring admins of top 100,000 domains.
  8. 90 Ecoins (previously 100) for every one who views your referral link and signs up later.
How Are Emails On Ecoin Website Verified ?

We have built the world’s first email based identity platform that can ensure one person can claim free Ecoin only once.

The exact verification mechanism is proprietary and revealing it defeats the purpose of stopping fraudsters, however our advanced fraud detection system ensures people can only claim through genuine emails once and not create 100s of emails and claim many times. We have tested with over 10,000 volunteer and are able to verify 90% of the participants. Having said that, please feel free to test our platform by entering your primary emails and any fake emails you create.

This method has the simplest user experience in the entire crypto airdrops that happened so far, this radically easier onboarding experience will enable the “world’s 99.9% of the internet population to try crypto for the first time”.

We can onboard 90% of the internet-using population with our airdrop strategy which is the order of 2-3 billion users.

How Do Interest Rates On Ecoin Work ?

In order to prevent people from dumping the free coins they get, we have created ‘savings accounts’ which will give a strong incentive for people to hold the coins they get for free and not dump them on the market.

We have the following categories, by default 80% of all tokens earned for free are in a 1-month lock which gives you a 5% interest every month.

Accounts with 10,000 -50,000 coins earn 1% additional monthly interest.
Accounts with 50,000-100,000 coins earn 2% additional monthly interest.
Accounts with 100,000 or more coins earn 3% additional monthly interest.

Currently, the basic interest for any amount is about 5% so a person with 70,000 coins would earn 5+2 = 7% interest.

How Will Ecoin Onboard 1 Billion People ?

By the ‘power of 5’.
Imagine you signed up on ecoin and referred 5 of your friends, and each of your 5 friends referred 5 more and so on. In just 14 of these interactions we can reach 1.2 billion users. Along with this there will be many more people who will refer more than 5 people which will speed up our growth, as the growth speeds up the prices of ecoin goes up which will further speed up adoption.

Why Invest In Ecoin ?
  1. Ecoin is only the coin that is absolutely focused on mass adoption.
  2. We are building on EOS which is the fastest blockchain out there.
  3. We are giving Ecoin for free for every one with an email.
  4. We have put in strong mechanisms to prevent price crash
  5. We are prepared to scale up to millions of users over night
  6. We are integrated with a Decentralised exchanged from day 1 so that everyone can buy these coins from our users and support ecoin ecosystem.
  7. We plan to have multiple partnerships as we would achieve the biggest user base in the crypto industry faster than anyone else.
Why Are You Not Doing An ICO ?

We are in very interesting times in terms of cryptocurrency investing, as you know many Govts have come up with strict rules in terms of investing in crypto which effectively killed the ICO market. Instead of doing an ICO right in the beginning and scamming investors we thought its only fair to show our worth in a real way.

We are however enabling you to buy the coins from average ecoin users for whom we do the free air drop , which ensures users are motivated to hold ecoin and refer their friends to sign up on ecoin.

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